Welding Technology

This Welding Technology Program is designed to prepare students for employment in a wide variety of occupations in the welding industry.

Program Overview

The Welding Technology program prepares students in the basic and the necessary advanced skills in the welding field. The program teaches welding techniques used in the workforce such as SMAW-shielded metal arc welding, GMAW-gas metal arc welding, FCWA-flux core arc welding, and GTAW-gas tungsten arc welding. Different types of oxygen and acetylene cutting and welding techniques and proper safety precautions are also covered. The program is certified through the AWS (American Welding Society).

Employment Opportunities

  • Welder

What You'll Learn

  • SMAW-shielded metal arc welding
  • GMAW-gas metal arc welding
  • FCWA-flux core arc welding
  • GTAW-gas tungsten arc welding
  • Different types of oxygen and acetylene cutting
  • Welding techniques

Program Requirements

Welding Technology · J400400 · 1050 Hours

OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length SOC Code
A PMT0070 Welder Assistant 1 150 51-9198
PMT0071 Welder Assistant 2 150 51-9198
B PMT0072 Welder, SMAW 1 150 51-4121
PMT0073 Welder, SMAW 2 150 51-4121
C PMT0074 Welder 450 51-4121

Program Costs

$3,066.00 Florida Resident Tuition ($2.92 x 1050 hours)
$90.00 Registration Fees ($45.00 per semester x 2)
$1,900.00 Lab Fee ($950.00 per semester x 2)
$100.00 Facility Usage Fee ($50.00 per semester x 2)
$440.00 Miscellaneous Fees (1st Semester Only)
Total Costs $5,596.00

Employers of Graduates

Program Instructors

Mel Sims
Department Chair

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: simsm1103@leonschools.net

Altoral Terrell
Altoral Terrell
Rickards High School & Lively Night, Instructor

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: terrella@leonschools.net

Jared Kilpatrick

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: kilpatrickj@leonschools.net

Marshall Roberts
Marshall Roberts
Godby High School, Instructor

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: Robertsm1@leonschools.net

Daniel Schul

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: schuld@leonschools.net

Roscoe Grant
Roscoe Grant
Wakulla High School, Instructor

Email: grantr1@leonschools.net

Welding Technology
John Scott
Godby High School & Lively Night, Instructor

Phone: 850-487-7464

Email: scottj1125@leonschools.net

Kelly Mosley
Rickards High School, Instructor

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: mosleya@leonschools.net

Keith Mclendon
Keith Mclendon

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: mclendonk@leonschools.net

Hunter Davis

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: hunterd@leonschools.net

Levi Thomas

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: thomask5@leonschools.net

T.J. Wright

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: wrightt1@leonschools.net

Jason Mills

Phone: 850-487-7450

Occupational Advisory Committee

Christopher Utman
Weld Test Service
Mike Bettinger
Bettinger Welding
Matthew Contini
Lincoln Electric
Andrew Friend
Jones Welding