Industrial Pipefitter

A pipefitter is a tradesperson who installs, assembles, fabricates, maintains and repairs mechanical piping systems. Industrial pipefitters analyze blueprints to determine the kind of pipes required and the most efficient method of installation.

Program Overview

This Industrial Pipefitter program focuses on broad, transferable skills, stresses understanding of the pipe fitting industry, and demonstrates elements of the Pipe Fitting Trades industry; such as planning, management, finance, technical and production skills, underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues and health, safety, and environmental issues.  Pipefitters, sometimes simply called fitters, install and maintain pipes that carry chemicals, acids, and gases. These pipes are used mostly in manufacturing, commercial, and industrial settings.  Using bending machines, flame cutters and welding devices, pipe fitters cut, bend and join pipes that allow for the safe, smooth flow of high pressure substances. Fitters install and repair pipe systems in power plants, as well as heating and cooling systems in large office buildings. Some pipefitters specialize as gasfitters or steamfitters.

Employment Opportunities

Industrial pipefitters may work in industrial, power or wastewater treatment plants, or they may work in large commercial structures.

What You'll Learn

  • Accomplish threaded pipe fabrications.
  • Identify and explain excavations, underground pipe and intermediate excavations.
  • Perform underground pipe installation.
  • Understand drawings and detail sheets.
  • Identify and explain piping systems, socket weld pipe fabrication and butt weld pipe fabrication.
  • Accomplish above ground pipe installation.
  • Identify and use steam traps and inline components.
  • Use and fabricate special piping.

Program Requirements

Industrial Pipefitter · I460514 · 600 Hours

OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length SOC Code
A BCV0568 Industrial Pipefitter Helper 300 47-2152
B BCV0569 Industrial Pipefitter 300 47-2152

Program Costs

$1,752.00 Florida Resident Tuition ($2.92 x 600 hours)
$314.87 Bookstore Costs
$45.00 Registration Fees
$50.00 Facility Usage Fee
$550.00 Lab Fee
$515.00 Miscellaneous Fees
Total Costs $3,226.87

Program Instructors

Melford Sims

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: simsm1103@leonschools.net

Daniel Schul

Phone: 850-487-7450

Email: schuld@leonschools.net

Occupational Advisory Committee

Mike Bettinger
Bettinger Welding
Jerry Vermillion
VMW Welding Supply
Robert Cutchin
Parker Services