A Lifetime of Refreshing Support

February 7, 2024

Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. has been a proud corporate supporter of Lively Technical School since its inception in 1937. Both entities were organized and operated by Lewis M. Lively.

In 1902, Lewis Lively purchased the Middle Florida Ice and Bottling Works, and three years later, he obtained the contract to bottle Coca-Cola. In 1937, Mr. Lively established Lively Tech College with plans for the vocational school to provide individuals with the education and technical training to obtain gainful employment and earn a living. The history of Coca-Cola in Florida’s capital city has been the story of the accomplishments of the Lively family.

The first Coke plant was in the All Saints neighborhood in 1904. In 1949, the Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. built their plant on South Monroe, and in 1994, the company moved to their current location in the Commonwealth Complex.

In addition to providing vending beverage service throughout Lively Tech’s campus, the company’s HR Department at Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. actively scouts and recruits students with specialized technical skills to build a well-trained and employable workforce at the Tallahassee Coca-Cola.

Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Sales Center Manager Brian Tucker said, “Mr. Lively’s lifelong dedication to training and employing a skilled workforce has led to nearly a century of a successful and mutually beneficial relationship between Lively Tech and Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co.”