The Office of Doris Maloy, Tax Collector

June 7, 2024

Florida Ready to Work Soft Skills Initiative

Lively Technical College has partnered with The Office of Doris Maloy, Tax Collector, to implement the FL Ready to Work Soft Skills. This initiative aims to enhance professional development by focusing on essential workplace skills such as communicating effectively, conveying professionalism, promoting teamwork and collaboration, thinking critically, and solving problems. Employees gain practical experience and valuable insights into professional environments through this collaboration.

The Leon County Tax Collector’s office is incorporating the FL Ready to Work Soft Skills program into its onboarding process for new hires. Additionally, the program offers the flexibility for other employees to enroll at their convenience, ensuring that all employees can contribute to a positive work environment, effective collaboration, and overall success in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will have the opportunity to take the Soft Skills Certification Exam. This exam, administered and proctored by Lively Technical College, ensures compliance with industry standards and provides a credible assessment of participants’ proficiency in soft skills, further validating the effectiveness of the program.

By partnering with Lively Tech to implement the FL Ready to Work Soft Skills program, The Office of Doris Maloy will enhance professional development, invest in employee development without incurring additional training expenses, recognize achievement through certificates signed by the Governor, and ensure that Lively Technical College receives the financial benefit from the successful certification of participants. We believe this collaboration will enrich the professional development landscape and foster a strong partnership between Lively Tech and The Leon County Tax Collector’s Office.