CDL Driving Test

Program Overview

Lively Technical Center is an authorized Third Party Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Testing Site. The CDL Driving Test is the practical demonstration required to obtain a CDL including a pre-trip inspection, prescribed basic control maneuvers and an on-road test.

Individuals are required to pass the written CDL test at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles/Division of Drivers License and present their Temporary Permit when taking the CDL driving test.

Testing Schedule:
The CDL driving test is administered Monday through Friday by appointment only. Participants are required to register in person and pay at least two (2) days in advance plus provide their own vehicle for testing. To schedule a CDL driving test, please call 850.487.7628.

Lively Technical Center CDL Testing

For more information call: (850) 487-7628

Required documents (prior to testing):

  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Current Proof of Insurance
  • Drivers License and Temporary Permit
  • Receipt (CDL Fee)


  • Driving Test Fee $220.00

Call and schedule today!